Settlement currency conversions

Mar 15 2023

To convert from one settlement currency to the other for any given business, you can use the "Balance conversion" module, which is located in the "Billing" section of the Dashboard. There the user will need to pick a business and fill out the amounts he wishes to convert.

After filling in the required information, the customer should click on "Request Conversion" and finalize the action by confirming with the "Execute" button. Keep in mind that the displayed rate is available for only 15 seconds, as seen in the example video above.

By default only users with 'Manager' or 'Admin' roles are able to perform a balance conversion. To add the permission to customer roles head over to the User Roles section.

Details of the executed conversions are available in the “Balance Conversions” tab for each business entity.

Existing balance conversions will be visible by all default user roles: Admin, Manger, Backoffice and Support

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