Adding funds to business through a fiat top-up

Mar 22 2023

Funding a business with fiat currency can be easily accomplished through the "Fiat top-up" module. This module can be found under the "Billing" section of the Dashboard. To carry out a fiat top-up, all you need to do is pick a business and your respective bank account, which will later be used to send the funds in question.

Keep in mind that only a bank account that matches the settlement currency of the business will be displayed as "active" in the "Select your bank account" dropdown menu. For example if the business you have picked has euro as settlement currency, you can only pick a bank account that operates in euro.

All executed fiat top-ups will be visible in the new "Top-ups" tab located within the respective business.

Users with a Manager or Admin role will have the permission to execute and view fiat top-ups. Agents that have the Backoffice role will only have a view permission, meaning they are allowed to just view the executed top-ups from within a business. Please be aware of the fact that Support users will not be able to view or perform any bank deposits.

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