Settlement allocation ratio

Jan 21 2020

When you create a business, you'll be able to set up an asset allocation for your crypto deposits. This will allow us to exchange your crypto deposits into a currency you are happy to have at your disposal. You can change your desired allocation ratio anytime - from the edit window of your business by adjusting the slider.

Your EUR holdings will be sent to your bank account. Only crypto balances can be used for payout options in crypto.

You can have only 1 cryptocurrency as a balance currency per business (USDT or BTC)

How does asset allocation work?

Let's say, you've set an allocation ratio like in the example shown above, FIAT-CRYPTO of 46% - 54%, and let's say, the business accumulates a BTC crypto balance worth 10000 USD. In this case: • The BTC equivalent of 4600 USD will be converted to EUR and paid out to your bank account, whereas • The remaining BTC equivalent of 5400 USD will be converted to the USDT stable coin, which can later be used for crypto payouts.

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